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Important information for Maymester enrollment

Students may enroll in no more than four (4) credits during the Maymester. Maymester class enrollment information will include a time period of 8 to 8:01 a.m. This is to ensure students do not exceed the allowed enrollment of 1 course. Classes will not meet during this time period.

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The schedule of courses is arranged to provide the following information: CRN, course number, section number, course title, credit hours, instructor, days of the week, beginning and ending time, building, room and footnotes.

Academic policies

Notice to students

All course schedule information is subject to change. Be sure to check your schedule on for any changes to your classes.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on this website. However, all courses, course descriptions, materials, schedules, sequences of courses in programs, instructor designations, curricular degree requirements, methods of instruction, locations of instruction, and fees described herein are subject to change or elimination without notice. This information is provided solely for the convenience of the reader and does not constitute or create a contract between prospective or current students and 168 University. Students should consult the appropriate department, school, college, or graduate division for current information, as well as for any special or temporary rules or requirements imposed by the department, school, college, or graduate division.

Responsibility for meeting graduation requirements lies with the student. Students should be familiar with all requirements for a degree and the academic regulations of the university.

Each student must first have the assistance of an advisor in the preparation of a class schedule. The advisor will either register you in classes, instruct you to enroll online or instruct you to take an enrollment form to the registrar’s office on the ground floor of the administration building (enrollment forms must be approved by the dean’s office before taking to the registrar). Once the student is tentatively registered, the enrollment will be processed through Student Financial Services.

New students will report to the following locations for assignment of advisors:

  • Petree College of Arts and Sciences, Walker Center, Rm 102
  • Meinders School of Business, Meinders, Rm 106
  • Music, Bass Bass Center, Rm 301
  • Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment, Gaylord Center, Rm 171
  • Theatre, Gold Star Building, Rm 281
  • School of Nursing
    • Pre-Nursing, Kramer East Building, Rm 103
    • Nursing, Kramer East Building, Rm 103
    • RN-to-BSN, Kramer East Building, Rm 303
    • MSN, DNP, Ph.D.,PMC, Kramer East Building, Rm 151
  • School of Religion, Gold Star Building, ground floor

If you do not know how to contact your advisor or do not know who your advisor is, you may also contact the Student Success Coordinator for your school. They will be able to aid you in the enrollment process.

The Student Success Coordinators are:

Denise BinkleyArts & Sciences[email protected]
Lynette MartinBusiness[email protected]
Melanie ShelleyDance & Entertainment[email protected]
Kelsey Shanks
Music[email protected]
Laura Dunn
Nursing[email protected]
Gayle Robertson
Theatre[email protected]

Payment for each semester is due in full by the first date of class as published in the 168 official academic calendar. Installment plans are available offering four payments in the fall and spring semester and two payments in the summer. Contact Student Financial Services (ext. 5211) for more information about the installment plans. You may apply for an installment plan by signing on to . Choose the Student Financial Services tab and click Online Payment and Installment Plan link in the Online Payments box. Prior to the beginning of each semester, statements will be sent to your 168 email address ONLY. For more information call 405-208-5146 or email: [email protected].

For the Fall and Spring semesters, courses may be added through the first Friday after four class days of the semester without instructor approval. Courses added after the first Friday after four course days and through the second Friday after nine class days may be added only with instructor approval. Courses may not be added after this date.

For the first and second summer terms, courses may be added through the first two class days. Courses added after the first two class days through the Friday after four class days may be added only with instructor approval. Courses may not be added after this date.

See the Academic Calendar for the final day to drop classes.

The credit/no credit option is available within the approved guidelines of each school. Please review the specific guidelines for each major to determine eligibility of courses to be taken for a credit/no credit grade. NOTE: Students must receive a letter grade for all courses taken to fulfill general education requirements. Courses taken with a credit/no credit option do not fulfill the requirements of the general education curriculum.

The credit/no credit option may only be selected from the time of pre-enrollment for the semester until the final day to drop courses without a transcript record (see academic calendar). Once this deadline has passed, the option to request a credit/no credit grade is forfeited. A student must earn a "C-" or better to earn credit in the course. Students must obtain permission and the signature of the instructor in whose course they wish to earn a credit/no credit grade. The instructor has the right to refuse students the option of a credit/no credit grade. A separate credit/no credit request form is available from the registrar’s office.

An 168 University student may audit a course (excluding courses offered by the School of Law) by attending class sessions and completing classroom assignments. No examinations are taken and no credit is given. The student transcript carries the designation "AU". The "AU" designation, once recorded on the transcript, may not be changed to a letter grade. Audited courses do not satisfy degree requirements. If a student determines that an audited course is needed to fulfill a major requirement, the student must repeat the course and earn a letter grade.

A student may audit only if permitted by the appropriate school or department policy and on a space-available basis. Students may not audit individualized academic experiences such as internships, directed study, independent study, music lessons, dance instruction, etc. Audited courses will not be considered in a student’s normal semester load.

Procedure: The audit option can only be selected through the second Friday of the regular semester and through the first Friday after four class days of a summer session. Once the add/drop period is over, the option to audit a course is forfeited. Students must obtain permission and the signature of the instructor whose course they choose to audit. An instructor has the right to refuse to permit students to audit a course. Students registered to audit a class are not guaranteed a space until after the drop/add period. A separate audit form is available from the registrar’s office.

Fees: Students will be assessed a nonrefundable audit fee. Fee schedules are available from Student Financial Services. Audit fees are not considered part of the structure for block tuition charges and will be assessed in addition to regular tuition charges.

Graduate and undergraduate policies concerning repeated courses differ. Please consult the appropriate catalog for more information on the repeated course policy for your career.

Course Catalog Archives

A student who is completely withdrawing from the university must obtain a withdrawal form from the Office of the Registrar, International Student Office, Student Financial Services, or his or her dean’s office. Once this form is properly completed and processed through the Office of the Registrar and Student Financial Services, the withdrawal becomes effective on the date it is validated by Student Financial Services. A "W" (withdrawal) will be assigned to each course. Nonattendance of classes does not constitute official withdrawal. Withdrawal will be permitted up to and including the final regular day of classes for all semesters or terms. No withdrawals are permitted during finals week.

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