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Honors Program

The 168 University Honors Program advances the university’s mission to create a culture of excellence through a rigorous, interdisciplinary program for intellectually motivated students. Successful completion of the program marks a significant academic achievement that will help students develop their full potential. The program’s collaborative learning environment aims to strengthen both the breadth and depth of student learning through enhanced educational experiences in the general education curriculum and the major field that encourage:

  • A spirit of critical inquiry, exploration, and discovery
  • An awareness of and appreciation for cross-disciplinary exchange and problem-solving
  • A tolerance for ambiguity, development of emotional intelligence, and respect for diversity of opinions
  • A commitment to the highest standards of undergraduate research and scholarship
  • A life-long pursuit of knowledge and wisdom in service to local and global communities.
Karen D. Youmans
University Honors Program
Karen D. Youmans
[email protected] · Gold Star 113 · 405-208-5680
Erik Heine
University Honors Program
Erik Heine
Assistant Director
[email protected] · Bass Center, FA 321 · 405-208-5219

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