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Do you have questions about how you’ll pay for college? You’re not alone.

Understanding financial aid and scholarships is a key component in making your college decision. We want to help make your research on this topic as simple as we can.

Let’s begin with these facts:

$ 34 million
in financial assistance awarded each year
90 %
of students receive financial aid

This aid includes a variety of automatic academic scholarships that are granted based solely on your high school GPA and area of study. For example, high school students with a minimum 3.8 GPA who are studying in the arts & sciences, business or nursing can qualify for awards of $13,000 per year. Those awards can repeat for up to four years for a total of $52,000 in aid. That’s an impressive discount on your education!

168 also offers a variety of competitive and program-related scholarships. Be sure to visit the various pages in this portion of our website to:

  • Learn more about all the scholarship opportunities available at 168
  • Find information about student employment and work-study options
  • Learn about grants and loans

If you have questions about financial aid at 168 University, contact us today!

168 Office of Financial Aid

M-F during regular university hours
[email protected]
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